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Here is a partial list of how our customers use dizmo:

Customers in Insurance Services

Insurance Services

“Better decisions faster” is the guiding principle that we elaborated with AXA, when working with them on a concept for their digital transformation project. The solution is a unified workspace, bringing together data, analytics and artificial intelligence for all their key processes: An application for applications.
Insurers need a virtual desktop, where all relevant information is just 1 click away – as if they were in paper format on their desk – to be analyzed and shared seamlessly. This way anyone can take advantage of digitization without losing the benefits of instant access and quasi-physical handling of data.
All the above allows a drastic simplification of process management across systems and has a direct positive impact on key performance indicators, such as the average handle time or decisions quality.

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Customers in Industrial IoT

Industrial IoT

With everything becoming connected, there is a great opportunity to provide new compelling services to a whole eco-system. With the machinery-cloud platform for example, developed in collaboration with our partner Entiretec, suppliers of connected equipment, their customers and partners, get access to a unified system to optimize the use of machines throughout their entire life cycle. Monitor and control key performance parameters, optimize maintenance scheduling, costs and spare parts inventory, all your machines are just one-click away. To further enable fast and easy integration of system solutions by our system integrator partners, we have established partnerships with key technology providers, such as IBM, PTC or SAP.

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Customers in Enterprise IoT

Digital Workplace

Together with our customer Bouygues we have worked to bring digital workplaces to a whole new level, breaking the silos across systems and between the digital and physical world. With dizmo’s Application Development Kit one can set and manage one or more conference rooms and their equipment, easy. Give your meetings and your teams a boost!

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Customer in Connected Logistics

Connected Logistcs

Our partner everis, an NTT Data company wanted to track down its trucks that are delivering oil from one point to the other. With dizmo, everis could seamlessly integrate their software, sensors and tracking programs while monitoring everything on their on-demand dashboard, resolving their issues related to event-driven decisioning, mutually exclusive visualizations, dynamic workflows management, data exploration and correlation and more.

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Customers in Smart Energy

Smart Energy

Energy will never be what it used to be, and it all sounds good in principle: renewable and sustainable energy sources, grid energy storage, peer to peer energy trading and so on. But how is all this going to be managed, as the overall energy industry value chain becomes more complex? And how does it all link with the growing number of smart home platforms and alike? Dizmo is being selected by various industry players to help building a global and yet granular view of all parts in the energy distribution, monitoring and control systems. Once more, dizmo successfully contributes to make things just simpler.

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Customers in Enterprise IoT

Financial Services

The Finance Sector is undergoing huge transformation driven by new FinTech players (both crypto and fiat) and innovation, ever more automated transacting and payment settlements all while increasing legal and compliance oversight increases. The new different models of doing business urgently require more agility, different processes and increased integrations between the new digital world and the installed legacy. To accommodate these seismic changes, the financial sector has had to be a leader in adopting microservices, federations of distributed multi clouds, on premises applications and containerized functions. Dizmo is ideal in bringing these disparate systems together faster for real time decisioning, compliance “eventing”, and an acceleration of the cycle of ideation to production-state for new process flows with the newly demanded paradygms of real-time integration.

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Customers in Intelligent Manufacturing

Intelligent Manufacturing

The whole manufacturing industry is going through a massive transformation as relevant as the transition to automation and robotics. This time, the transformation goes deeper into the link between manufacturing and the supply chain and within the manufacturing floor into process optimization through the adoption of artificial intelligence techniques, for example. Dizmo supports this transformation by providing a unified and interactive workspace where all those services can be integrated and efficiently orchestrated.

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Customers in Enterprise IoT

Enterprise IoT

What is the next digital transformation project your enterprise will embark on? Our customer Schoch went through a complete re-engineering of their creation and delivery process. Under their guidance, dizmo created a transformational environment for Schoch to interact with their customers and internally for their teams to digitally create new concepts. The perfect combination of costs optimization, processes’ enhancement and customers’ gratification.

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Customers in Connected Living

Connected Living

Connected Living, that’s having your office, home or building seamlessly connected through the integration of your data, digital and physical devices while accessing everything through voice, touch or intelligent sensors. Dizmo contributes to realize concepts such as ambient assisted living, on demand mass personalization, consumer-grade services orchestration, energy and life management, intelligent building integration, up to smart cities architectures support.

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