Dizmo Attributes

Visual Orchetration

Accuracy through Data Interactivity

An interactive and intuitive interface moves control to users bestowing agility whilst reducing the technical work required and the IT spend. It allows users to easily turn data into actionable insights. No more complex navigation hierarchies or cumbersome pop-up menus

Data Transpher

Speed through Dynamic Integration

Dizmo allows otherwise siloed data systems to be surfaced onto a unified workspace, enabling dynamic data exchange across them, interactively with the user and collaboratively across users. Data decisioning can be enhanced through specialized techniques, cognitive algorithms and AI.

Semanic Capabilites

Efficiency through Smart Orchestration

Dizmo’s smart and interactive layout makes digital objects context-aware, allowing the system to dynamically determine the physical areas of the facility on which commands need to be executed and orchestrate them across groups of objects, through ambient digital computing techniques.

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